10 Debt Management Webinars and Seminars That Will Transform Your Financial Future

Debt Management

An important step on the road toward financial security is debt management.

No matter how much money you earn or save, if you fail to manage your debts you’ll never be financially secure.

Sometimes, however, people need some help in managing their debts. One way to get this assistance is by attending a webinar or seminar.

Below are a few important debt management classes to transform your finances:

1. SkilledSmart

SkilledSmart does what schools failed to do, and that’s to teach us about money.

This webinar aims to enable you to organise your money through meticulous and guilt-free spending. It also includes a system that automatically budgets and saves your money.

2. Money Management International

If you’re trying to crawl your way out of debt, then MMI is perfect for you. MMI helps you create a structured debt repayment plan.

With MMI, you can manage your debt by making just one deposit to the organisation monthly, and it then reimburses all your creditors.

3. Credit.org

Credit.org offers a course called Roadmap to Financial Freedom. The course aims to make your journey to financial freedom as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Credit.org can help you create a Debt Management Plan on how you can pay back unsecured debt.

4. Australia Securities and Investment Commission

ASIC offers a range of seminars providing you with unbiased information on how to properly manage your finances.

ASIC offers free on-location seminars across Australia. The seminars are perfect for those of us trying to figure out how to avoid debt, as well as those of us trying to repay outstanding debts.

5. Debt Reduction Services

Debt Reduction Services offers a wide range of pre-recorded webinars on money management.

DRS’ personal finance education includes topics that help you develop healthy spending habits, create effective savings plans and use credit wisely.

You also get a certificate of achievement upon completion of each course.

6. Consolidated Credit Solutions

CCS has a free webinar that focuses on how you can defeat your debt. Consolidated Credit outlines seven tips that’ll help you attain financial freedom.

This webinar deals with everything from letting you know your legal rights when it comes to credit scoring and credit cards all the way down to financial stress management.

7. Credit Counselling Society

Credit Counselling Society has quite a bit of financial webinars on its website.

If you would like to learn how to pay off debts faster then you should definitely take its debt repayment webinar.

8. National Board of Certified Counselors

NBCC aims to enhance care for minorities by providing live webinars for public consumption.

These webinars are recorded and shared through the NBCC’s I-counseling platform a few weeks after live sessions.

The NBCC foundation offers a wide range of webinars aimed at providing counselling to the general public.

9. Experian

Experian’s Holistic Debt Management webinars focus on showing us how large energy and utility companies keep their operating costs low.

By keeping their operating costs low, they increase liquidation and recovery rates while reducing their own risks.

10. LaSalle University

LaSalle is a private university located in the United States. LaSalle plans on hosting a debt management webinar on 14 May 2019.

This webinar will cover topics relating to personal debt management, student loans and managing your credit.

A 20-minute webinar is part of LaSalle’s Greenleaf Financial Fitness Series.