Bye-Bye To Black And White: Reasons Why Using Color In Your Business Prints Is So Important


Every color has a personality of its own. Since yesteryears, people have associated colors with a variety of emotions. For example, blue is linked with sadness, orange with courage, red with passion, etc. In the business world, the combination of black and white has been considered the most professional of all the options. However, with a deeper study of consumers’ minds, visionaries have started using other colors to make their message louder and clearer.

  1. A better message retention:
    Studies reveal that users are likely to retain a message in their mind for a longer period of time when they read something written or printed in color rather than black. Users are attracted by the frequency of the color, which helps anchor the message deeper in their minds.
  2. More chances of improving readership:
    Anything printed in colorful tones is sure to grab the attention of the reader. Colors impart more impressiveness to the message and make readers feel that the material is something worth noticing. For this reason, many large publishing companies and editorials are investing on colortoner for their printed material and are using colored fonts on the digital versions of their products.
  3. Enhanced understanding of the message:
    Many readers have confirmed, about 76% of them to be precise, that they were able to comprehend the message better when it came to them being in colorful print. This helps the mind focus better on certain parts of the text or image, which ultimately increases their comprehension and retention.
  4. A nicer way of highlighting an important issue:
    When a company uses a different color to highlight important issue, it gets earlier responses. For example, if a business vendor puts the total cost of a product in a different color, the customer keeps that figure in mind for a longer time, making it a priority. It also helps to use different colors when you print phrases like �?Amount Due’, �?As soon as possible’, “Urgent”, “Important Issue”, and “Please respond”. These words get more weight and the reader reacts faster to the printed Call-to-Actions.
  5. A perfect way to imprint a personality to your business:
    As we explained earlier people have a tendency to associate emotions, thoughts or moods with colors. So, if you choose the right color for the business letters and other printed communication materials, it enhances its personality and makes it look distinct, stylish and obviously, unique from your counterparts.

In conclusion, when you need to make your presence felt or when you want the world to know that you have arrived, just ditch the black and use different tones and shades. Any color with distinct sharpness, better readability, and outstanding appeal can be used as a promising alternative. It is time to say �?Bye to Black’ and embrace other colors in business prints.