Exclusive credit cards for millionaires

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Credit card market is full of a variety of cards for every type of consumer having high to low credit score holder and for rich to poor. Credit card offers are endless to suit different consumer’s needs, goals and financial situations. Ultra-rich people are using exclusive and best credit cards for 2020 which offer big rewards and elite perks, like access to VIP airport lounges, private jets and personal shopping. These credit cards are made of gold and other precious metals and studded with actual diamonds having a high annual fee.

Some of these exclusive cards are by invitation only and made of carbon and having a limited membership issue card. If you qualify, the initiation fee and the annual fee is quite costly. You must spend a lot of money to keep your membership.

The elite credits cards are for the wealthy certainly contain excellent rewards and big perks. It is hard to apply for such costly credit cards as they are only for those whose vacation expenses exceed the annual budget of a common man.

Some credit cards offer a valuable signup bonus, membership rewards points on travel and dining and tons of travel perks. Although they require a very big annual fee, rewards are big too.

There are some very attractive credit cards for businessmen with impressive perks and bonus on purchases with no spending limit, includes trip delay and cancellation coverage, primary rental car insurance for business rentals and extended warranty coverage.

An exclusive card is made of gold and palladium have the card holder’s information and account number. It is quite impressive and only available for its investors. It has no spending limit, but an only an annual fee. There are no charges on late payment, cash advance, overdraft or foreign exchange.

Similarly, this card is also for only members, having card limit but having perks of 24-hour concierge service, access to the airport lounge and travel promotions.

Some impressive cards come with high travel perks like free travel tickets for companions, free night stays at selected hotels, access to airport clubs and much more.

There is an exclusive card known as the black card, made with titanium etched with account information, offer lots of travel benefits, rental car perks and shopping rewards and 24 hours concierge which include many gifts.

These credit cards are only available by invitation exclusively to worthy individuals and clients of the related banks and firms. This high net worth credit cards come with a heavy annual fee and not possible for other than millionaires to use them.

Another credit card made with 24 karats of gold and adorned with diamonds, issued only to very few, not more than a hundred millionaires. This is most expensive card worldwide offering life-insurance policy, VIP concierge service, access to the top golf courses, luxury travelling and airport check-ins

Some other credit cards offer luxury travel gifts but do not need the invitation to get them. They also give benefits in hotels and resorts, such as free breakfast, room upgrading and free Wi-Fi.

Most of the credit cards offer cashback on purchases.