Outlook 2017 For The Financial Department Within The Local Government


Clear communication to citizens is needed for good service. Citizens go along with time and communicate mostly digitally. Municipalities also have a digital channel with My Government to access relevant information for the citizen. Through MyOverheid, citizens have all relevant information in a central location. The message box receives a citizen in a safe way the messages from the municipality, for example in the field of attacks and legends. This gives the citizen overview and a municipality also realizes a significant saving on the amount of paper mail.

Smart Finance?
“Did not you call Simple Finance?” That’s right. We have modified the naming because it’s just about making the financial issues smarter. Smart Finance makes it easier for business processes to work more efficiently in the areas of budget monitoring, commitment management, creditors administration and purchasing.Meanwhile, two municipalities have been connected as a quartermaker: Stein and Ommen-Hardenberg. Together with them we are looking for a third quartermaker to really start developing. They are very excited about it. Johan Hulzebos, Head of Department Service at Ommen-Hardenberg Management Service: “I believe in this new product. I call on municipalities to join us and work with us on this fantastic step in the world of finance. “

With e-invoicing, there is a world open
This week, we have heard in the municipality: “The PDF invoices that come in to us via e-mail, we print first. Then they enter the scan street and we can recognize about 60% in practice. Actually quite disappointing and not efficient. “You would almost think: how is it possible? PinkRoccade has applied for an EU grantto enable e-invoicing accelerated. Together with the municipalities of Tholen and Borger-Odoorn we develop the new software functionality. It is expected that the functionality in the second quarter of 2017 will be available to all municipalities using CiVision Resources. Research from the PIANOo program agency indicates that savings can be made of 62% per invoice. E-invoicing involves more efficient work, less errors and better payment behavior. That cuts wood.