Verse Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

Still, with updates and progress in the sphere of technology and the discovery of the electronic world, there are some points that can be more easier in the life of people. Currently there are several platforms that are providing users with the mobile types of payments and totally in online format; however these platforms can not cover all necessary needs of the users. In this regard, we want to write about Verse, the online mobile app with some specific features that can be a solution for all issues and needs of people in the current time in the case of making payments with mobile.

Mobile Payments via Verse

As mentioned above, Verse is a mobile app that provides its users with online services in case of payments and financial needs. WIth this platform users spend and share their money without any fear and in the comfortable virtual atmosphere. In the same time that users can write one simple text message, they will be able to pay or request money from friends and family via Verse as fast, secure and easy as possible without any extra or hidden fees. In a couple of clicks, everyone can make payment and send money to each other; so in case of any billes, it is easy to split it as fast as necessary via Verse. Look At This. Additionally, with the feature of Verse that is allowing users to create groups, users easily in any community, with friends for trips, roommates for bills and in anytype of events, they will be able to organize, split and track the expenses of the group as simply as possible. Also with Verse services, there will be no need for using ATMs in case of any special events; users will be able easily to create any type of events in this online platform and share the expenses with all members. It is worthy to mention that with the Feed part of the Verse app, customers will always be able to know about their friends’ future events and plans and take part in any of them. Should be noted that the Verse mobile app is available in both app store and google play for all users around the world.

How it Works

With registration in Verse mobile app with the phone number and linking the bank cards with the app, users will be able to send money to any of their contacts. With some clicks, users will be able to choose the contact, write the amount and choose to send or request money from this contact. Also they will be able to add some notes about the transaction and process. Should be noted that users will be able to transfer money from their Verse account to their Bank account instantly.


Definitely, Verse and its online services, especially in the sphere of payments, can be counted as a fastest, safest and easiest option for the current and the future needs of the users all around the world.