Why is it important to protect your credit record

credit record

The pay our bills on time, as this is important to maintain or improve our credit record, as well as opening doors to new opportunities for credits, with which can allow us to make our dreams of having our own business possible, or buying our own house, buying the car that we have always wanted to have, and many other things you can do with a clean credit record. The financial institution FNBNorcal.com tell us that people have access to credit information companies such as the bureau of credit or credit circles, because they believe to be in these credit bureaus is a bad thing when, in fact, that is not so.

All people who have or have had credit and have hired a service offered to credit, such as for example (mobile telephony service and pay tv) will have a credit report in the database, then in these companies, the credit bureau or the circle of credit, is where you will concentrate all that information reported by the licensors of such financing. The data being reported is the general data of a person who is applying for a new credit and the financial entity has to do with how your credit record is doing to see if you qualify to purchase the service or not.

It should also be mentioned and that if a person has a credit record below the standards or have a bad credit record literally, it does not mean that you will never be able to opt for a service credit or bank financing. Of course you have the opportunity to qualify for a credit card, all you have to do is catch up with their payments of monthly bills for a period of time, until your credit record is normal and is reflected in the credit bureau that all your bank transactions and their RELIABILITIES are in the ideal site.

It is for this reason that the bank FNBNorcal encourages all of its customers and users, to seek ways to maintain a good credit record, as this is of the utmost importance in the time of want to fulfill the dreams of having a business of their own, at the time we ask for a credit card, a personal loan, a mortgage loan, etc. If you manage your credit the right way, if you always pay promptly, our history I couldn’t even get to be exemplary and open doors to new opportunities to grow economically.