Why is it wise to invest in Tata-Digital-India-Mutual-Fund?


Tata Digital India Fund – Direct-Growth, managed by Tata Mutual Fund, performed well. It is uncertain because the market is passing through uncertainty at the moment. There is a lot of scope in the technology industry in a technologically driven world where machines power everything, and Tata Digital India Fund (G) is a platform where you can take advantage of these opportunities. You can easily park your money in companies that are engaged in the development or advancement of new technologies through the development of the Tata Digital India Fund.

As seen from historical data, the fund has achieved exceptional returns over the years and consistently outperformed its benchmark. Thus, thanks to extraordinary performances over the years, the Tata Digital India Fund is a significant option available on the Indian market.

The objective of TATA Digital India Fund Growth

The main aim of TATA Digital India Fund Growth is to connect the growing technology industry with investors, providing them with a platform where they can grow their wealth manifold.

TATA Digital India Fund Growth basic details

  • Fund House: Tata Mutual Fund
  • Launch Date: 28-Dec-2015
  • Return Since Launch: 13.54%
  • Riskometer: High
  • Type: Open-ended
  • Assets: ₹ 393 Cr (As on 31-Jan-2020)
  • Expense: 1.06% (As on 31-Jan-2020)
  • Turnover: 41.00%
  • Minimum Investment (₹) 5,000
  • Minimum SIP Investment (₹) 150

Fund Holdings in Tata Digital India Fund Growth

Let’s go deeper into fundholding. The fund has invested in sixteen equity holdings (Infosys, TCS, HCL, Tech Mahindra, NIIT, Wipro, etc.) and two more.

  • Most of the fund’s assets, about 80 percent, are invested in equities and related instruments, while the balance lies with debt.
  • Besides, the difference within equity is made on a judgment note, which incorporates various stocks to diversify the portfolio.
  • About 65 per cent of the money is devoted to large and giant stocks, 30% to midcap, and residual amount to small-cap.

Tata Digital India Fund Growth Performance

Since the fund was launched on December 28, 2015, returns have not been provided for the last 3 and 5 years. However, the fund has achieved exceptional returns over the years, as seen from historical data, and consistently outperformed its benchmark.

The investment rules set by the TATA Digital India Fund are somewhat stricter than usual. The fund has developed some guidelines and relations to generate excellent performance so that people can earn maximum returns:

  • Lenient Investment Level
  • Strict Redemption Policy
  • Excellent Fund Management
  • Current Investment Details

Tata Digital India Fund (G) NAV is currently Rs. 15.5572 per unit, after experiencing a 0.42% drop in its value. Also, the fund has the fact of having a decent amount of assets under its watch, currently at Rs. 247 crores as of July 31, 2018. Further, fund expenses incurred to manage the fund are 2.51%, which is within the maximum limit.

Therefore, all the details above indicate that TATA Digital India Fund is a significant choice on the Indian market due to its exceptional returns over the years.