CoinFlip Introduces New Concepts to Crypto ATMs


In the world of cryptocurrency, simplicity isn’t something that buyers and sellers often experience. Fortunately, CoinFlip Crypto ATMs are changing the way that business is done. With an easy method of using cash at an ATM along with your current cryptocurrency wallet, you’re able to handle local bitcoin transactions quickly and nearly effortlessly. The company’s CEO, Daniel Polotsky, came up with the idea through his frustration with using an earlier cryptocurrency ATM that wasn’t user-friendly. The company has grown to include over 120 CoinFlip Crypto ATMs and is offering opportunities and rewards for those that take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Advertising on receipts
  • Suggesting new cryptocurrencies
  • Hosting ATMs
  • Finding new ATM host locations
  • Securing new ATM hosts
  • Referrals for new business

Other Benefits With CoinFlip ATMs

Aside from the previous benefits, the company also offers suggestions for products and wallets for consumers to take advantage of. The company also provides real-time cryptocurrency exchange rate updates and provides easily accessible fee information. A locator service is available for use on the customer’s PC or mobile device to find the closest CoinFlip Crypto ATM kiosk. Currently, the company provides services for these cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dash
  • Tron
  • Komodo

Ease of Use With CoinFlip Crypto ATMs

Using the ATM is an easy process and only takes about one minute per transaction. A mobile phone with active service to receive a text message and to scan the digital code from your cryptocurrency wallet is necessary. The user simply follows the on-screen prompts to complete their transaction and either deposits cash to buy or receives cash from the sale of their cryptocurrency. A QR code is shown on the receipt for transactions for selling cryptocurrency and is read by the machine before it will dispense the cash, so the user must not discard the receipt. The company also guarantees the availability of cash or it will waive the customer’s fee on the next transaction. A video and specific information relating to the guarantee are available on the company’s website.

Those That Can Benefit From CoinFlip Crypto ATMs

Although nearly every type of consumer would benefit from the services of a CoinFlip Crypto ATM, the service is particularly appealing for several types of investors. Those that have privacy concerns have a new way to handle transactions that the company assures are as confidential as possible. Those that have difficulty with obtaining a bank account or simply wish to bypass this step also benefit. The company makes verification simple and states that it can usually complete the process in minutes. This provides a significant advantage over the excessive turnaround times of many other transaction processors.

Additional Services Are Available

CoinFlip also offers credit card and bank transfer options available for new clients that don’t live near a kiosk. The company provides a robust FAQ section that covers everything a new investor needs to get rolling, and information is also available for those that are seeking to grow their portfolio with high-limit investments and more. The parent-company is GPD Holdings, LLC, and its current headquarters are in the Chicago area.