European Investment Platforms Review

Investment Platforms

Everybody wants to earn money without actually having to work for it. While it is impossible to simply generate more money, people can still receive passive income from investing their funds smartly. It is possible to invest and earn funds for various purposes. You can invest to be able to afford a car or a new house, plan a wedding, travel the world, or support yourself after retirement. Online investment funds are gaining popularity across Europe, and there is a wide range of services to suit all users. Read along to discover more information about such platforms as Quanloop, Bondora, and Peerberry.

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Quanloop is a service for alternative investments. This Estonian platform is available throughout the EU, and all citizens can invest money online using this fund. Enterprises can become investors as well. Quanloop is the only borrower from its users as the businesses that need money do not contact investors directly. Every day, this platform distributes money among its borrowers.


  • This investment fund is very accessible and comprehensive for people who have just started investing.
  • The money invested here is very liquid, and every user can get their funds back every 24 hours.
  • Three risk management plans are available for allocating your investments efficiently and securely.


  • Businesses that take loans at Quanloop cannot be chosen by investors as the platform picks all the candidates.
  • It is still necessary to watch after the auto-investing feature when you invest your funds.


Bondora is a lending platform founded in Estonia. This is one of the services with many years of experience as it was first opened in 2008. Most European countries are welcome to use this investment service. SEPA transactions are necessary for making money online investment via this P2P platform.


  • The lowest investment possible is one euro. This allows users to try out the platform even with limited funds.
  • A referral program is available, and users can receive an additional 5% from the investments made by their friends.
  • There are separate investment plans for people who want to invest automatically and those who want to monitor their investments.


  • Investors usually receive about a 9% return yearly. This is a relatively small amount.
  • All taxes need to be paid by investors; there is no aid from the platform.


Peerberry is a Lithuanian online investment service. To be able to invest money via this service, it is necessary to have an EU bank account. Both enterprises and people can become investors on Peerberry. A variety of loan providers is available on this platform. The average annual investment return is around 10%.


  • The smallest investment amount is 10 euros here. While this is higher than some other platforms can accept, this amount is still very accessible for people with all kinds of starter capital.
  • Peerberry offers different bonuses to its users. A referral solution is available to receive an additional percentage from all the friends you invite to join the service.
  • An investment portfolio can be set up manually or automatically, whichever you prefer.


  • This platform is mostly suitable for short-term loans only. If you are aiming to invest for the long term, consider other options.
  • While the auto-investing service is available, it is still necessary to control it.


After reviewing three different platforms, it is easier to have a clearer idea about where to invest money online. It is important to remember that often, lower return rates mean smaller risks as well. If you are a person with a low-risk tolerance and limited starter capital, it is better to opt for steadier and less risky investment plans. Another thing to keep in mind is how involved you want to be. Certain platforms leave little to no control over businesses that receive your investments. In a sense, this is convenient for people with little experience and those who want to invest money once and only check on it from time to time. However, if you want to manage your finances yourself, make sure to choose the funds that allow picking borrowers to diversify your portfolio.