Lucrative Industries for Investors


The investor activity in recent years has progressively changed with top players tapping the potential in a diverse range of industries. Some things remain consistent, while others have dramatically changed and the technological developments are garnering much of the investors’ attention. In today’s era, investors are eager to channel their capital in sectors which hold the strongest prospect of growth and rate of success.

On the surface level, all business sectors seem to be thriving and making immaculate progress. However, digging deeper into facts, trends and market conditions paint a different picture. This is why today’s investor is perpetually cautious about measuring their steps. This brings us to talk about the industries having a considerable potential for growth in particular:

Real estate – The best example is the Middle East and in the heart of Dubai. Affordable luxury housing is not a far-fetched dream in the Gulf anymore because investors like Thomas Wos are looking to make a real difference. Thomas took a toll on the entire real estate market with a whopping $20 million capital injection in, the leading portal for properties in Dubai. Thomas’ firm WOS Swiss Investments AG is looking to dominate the market by building 10,000 new apartments by 2030. Besides, Thomas is introducing a hotel chain called “The Wos” which is another key project disrupting the real estate market of Dubai.

Blockchain – The rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has attracted many investors from around the world. Tech companies are consistently developing smart systems with the integration of blockchain technology and are heavily backed by investments from venture capitalist firms from around the world. In the past few years, the dire need of having a decentralized system, eliminating the role of a bank and incorporating end-to-end encryption as a further step has opened a real opportunity for investors. Blockchain technology is the future and major corporations are highly impressed with the difference it makes, which is why the tech sector continuously explore opportunities that lie at the usage of the blockchain. The most known crypto currency is bitcoins.

Startups – The trend of entrepreneurship has doubled in recent years. The global economy is fueled by the emerging role of small and medium-sized businesses where startups are thriving. Major startups in the last two decades are mammoth corporations, changing our lives with their products and services for the better. Credit also goes to top investors who have realized the potential stored in the ideas of committed individuals. Startups will continue to rise and benefit from the capital of investors. This entire eco-system is taking a progressive turn with more and more people motivated to take the road of entrepreneurship.

The investor activity is looking to remain persistent in the industries mentioned above for the next few years. Most investors eye safe and promising opportunities which are not much prone to fluctuating market conditions. However, the global political influence is a dominant factor having a constant impact on the stock market, fueling doubts and unfavorable forecasts in the financial sector.